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PRESS RELEASE - More info about Craze® counterfeiting

This is a follow up to the previous press release regarding the sale of counterfeit Craze® on the European market, consequences for vendors on eBay and Amazon.


The most prominent location for the sales of counterfeit Craze® has been eBay and Amazon. In light of this Driven Sports and Predator Nutrition have come to the agreement to no longer supply Driven Sports supplements to anybody found to be selling them on eBay and Amazon. This is a necessary step to prevent the brand integrity being undermined by rogue sellers. This is a blanket policy with no exceptions.

In addition, because of this we can no longer vouch for the authenticity of any Craze® sold on eBay or by vendors on

We understand that a lot of consumers shop around looking for the best deal, so many of these vendors will look more attractive due to low prices. However, ultimately you are selling yourself short if you end up with a counterfeit product. We strongly encourage buyers to only buy Craze® from reputable vendors.

The following list of eBay and Amazon sellers have been found to be selling counterfeit Craze®. (eBay)
Easy-Supplements (eBay)
Healthy Nutrition Limited (Amazon Seller)
Mjg-supplements (eBay)
Proteinsdepot (eBay)
Supplementsfactorydirect-2 (eBay)
e-seller577 (eBay)
Supernutritionsltd (eBay)
Gymgeneration (eBay)
Sublimenutrition (UK Website)
Bodybuilding4you (UK website)
Supplementoutlet (UK Site)
Supplementdealz (UK Website)

We hope this move is one that is popular with our customers and prevents the further spread of counterfeit, and potentially harmful, product.

Written on Friday, 07 December 2012 14:56 by Administrator

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