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Further proof that Craze® does not contain amphetamines – Part three


We promised our customers that for their peace of mind we would continue to test Craze® in light of the recent allegations and we have done so. It is disappointing that so many people (mostly competitors) have attempted to join the smear campaign in order to vilify the name of Craze® and attempt to spread negativity as much as possible. It is also very disheartening that most of these have decided to completely ignore the testing that we have so far published, or acknowledged it but brushed it off entirely as being somehow invalid. Therefore we have procured lab testing for other lots sent from other retailers direct to the lab. There is complete transparency in the chain of custody here, and again, all lots are tested against a certified analytical reference standard. We have compiled these results below.









UPDATE: Adding another lab test, sent direct from retailer to the lab.



Written on Wed, 10 July 2013 17:20 by Administrator

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