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Statement regarding media attention on Craze from 10-15-13

Driven Sports, the manufacturer of Craze®, has extensively studied and analyzed Craze with the assistance of a DEA registered laboratory and those studies have consistently indicated that Craze does not contain amphetamines or controlled substances. These studies have been made available for examination and review by the public. Despite these results and the extensive nature of these studies, Driven Sports suspended the production and sale of Craze several months ago while it investigated the reports in the media regarding the safety of Craze. The additional study has confirmed the results of the initial studies that Craze does not contain amphetamines or controlled substances.

As part of our additional studies, however, we have been working very hard to figure out why others have been concluding that Craze contains amphetamine like substances. Extensive analytical work by a DEA registered lab in Michigan and a Swedish laboratory retained by Driven Sports indicate the presence of n-beta DEPEA in CRAZE. This is a related but very different substance from the one identified by NSF. It is also very difficult to distinguish these two substances unless you know precisely what you are looking for and are using the proper test methodology.

NSF and the other authors of the Short Communication which appeared in Drug Testing and Analysis do not suggest that they even considered the possible presence of n-beta. Because of its similar chemical composition, failure to take into account the presence of n-beta could cause a mistaken conclusion that any given sample contains n-alpha.

Moreover, in the absence of a careful analysis of dendrobium (the ingredient in Craze at issue) to rule out the presence of naturally occurring DEPEA analogues, it is impossible for the authors to comment with any authority as to the source of this substance. Just because a substance is patented does not mean it is not found in nature, and just because it is not mentioned in the literature does not mean that anyone has ever looked for it before.

We have also submitted 4 independent double-blind placebo-controlled safety and efficacy studies on Craze for publication in peer-reviewed journals. These studies, conducted in 177 people, show that Craze did not induce any harmful effects on clinical laboratory parameters and that there were no adverse events reported. While we continue to have no reason to believe that the Craze formula is anything but safe and effective when used responsibly, the confidence of our retailers to sell the product and our consumers to buy the product is our primary concern so we will continue the suspension of the production and sale of Craze for the foreseeable future until these issues are resolved.

Written on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 11:48 by Administrator

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